Distributed PD Project Archive

Please note that the Distributed PD project is currently innactive. These pages and posts remain as a record of the early work that has led to other projects, such as Maine’s iLearnMaine Educator Micro-credentials program.

Welcome to Distributed PD

Professional DevelopmentWhy a Distributed PD Project:

  • Because face-to-face trainings aren’t enough
  • Because we can’t get enough time for all the face-to-face trainings we need
  • Because we are working on so many aspects of important initiatives at the same time
  • Because we don’t have enough Curriculum Directors, Tech Integrators, and Learning Coaches to do it all
  • Because we want to model the learning we want for students in our professional learning with adults
  • Because the professional development and support we need is too important to leave to chance

Key Questions the Distributed PD Project is trying to answer in a practical way:

  • What is the professional learning curriculum/continuum we need for our teachers and leaders?
  • What are quality professional learning modules and resources we could leverage to support our educators?
  • How can we monitor and facilitate professional learning and acknowledge and “certify” what our educators know and can do?
  • How can we recruit and “certify” a cadre of “certifiers”?

Project Updates

Background: Project Overview

We, a workgroup of Auburn (ME) Educators and friends, will be working on building a quality, distributed system of professional development in support of educators’ efforts to become skilled at implementing our strategic efforts. We will start by focusing on integrating iPads into teaching and learning and quickly expand to other aspects of customizing learning.

Watch this overview of the project:


This post provides more background on the project

Background: The Work

Distributed PD is part of Auburn’s comprehensive approach to professional development, which includes face-to-face workshops & trainings, coaching & formative feedback, teachers getting together to share successes and challenges, and lesson & activity invention & tryouts.

The key pieces of work in developing the distributed system of professional development include:

The tabs in the Header above (you might need to click on “Menu”) or the list of Pages to the right or below to connect to each of those pieces.


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