More About the Project

Want to know more about Auburn's Distributed PD Project? This post will provide a little background.

A Little History

  • Auburn Middle School was one of the Exploration Sites at the very beginig of MLTI, Maine's 1to1 Learning with Technology Initiative – the first statewide 1to1 initiative in the country (2001)
  • Edward Little High School (in Auburn) was among the first cohort of high schools to join MLTI and expland 1to1 to grades 9-12 (2005)
  • Auburn School Department was the first district in the country to have a 1to1 iPad initiative in Kindergarten – currently we are 1to1 K-2 and working to add Grade 3 next year (2011)
  • Even with our long history of being technology rich, we have much work to do to take our teachers to a deep level of implementation with teaching and learning with technology
  • Parallel to our technology work, Auburn is an early adopter of Customized Learning, now viewing teaching and learning with technology a critical tool for customizing learning
  • It is Auburn's philosophy that if we are asking teachers to do things that they did not experience as learners, then we have a moral imperative to support the heck out of them!
  • Auburn likes to partner with other districts, schools, and educators with similar interests to our own on our program development projects

The Need

  • There is plenty to learn and get good at, if we are to effectively use iPads for teaching and learning.
  • There aren't many opportunities to pull everyone together for face-to-face PD.
  • There currently aren't enough of us to lead all the PD that teachers might need.
  • Teachers' learning should be customized, just like for students. They also learn in different timeframes and in different ways.
  • (We might be focusing on iPad PD, but, frankly, once we work the bugs out, we'll need something similar for the rest of our Customized Learning work.)

The Work

So, as part of Auburn's comprehensive approach to professional development (which includes face-to-face workshops & trainings, coaching & formative feedback, and lesson & activity invention & tryouts), the Distributed PD Group (including some folks from other districts and initiatives who are interested in the same work as Auburn) will work on two parallel efforts:

  • A distributed system of professional development in order to support a customized approach to educators professional learning.
  • A distributed system to collect and share examples of various aspects of teaching and learning with iPads to help teachers answer the question, “But what does it look like?”

This blog post is a good overview and call to action.

Key Components

The key pieces of the distributed system of professional development include:



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