Present: Sherry Wyman, Carol Miller, Peter Robinson, Mike Muir, Pauline Simard, Larry McCarthy, Cathy McCue, Kelly McCarthy, Ben Wilkoff, Katy Grondin, Tara Maker, Jim Moulton, Norma-Jean Audet, Jen Laliberte,


Stephanie Smith, Mauri Dufour, Kathryn Sturgis, Lori Twiss, Jim Wells, Sonja Abbot, Nate Theriault, Shelly Mogul, Jon Pratt, Mia Morrison, Jake Bazinet (did I miss anyone?)

Reviewed the Overview Video:

  • Watched the overview video
  • Reinforced idea of knowing and doing; various support for completing modules; large, medium & small badges; and the 10 curriculum buckets for teaching and learning with iPads
  • Broke up into groups to start to work out the needed modules to support teaching and learning with technology



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