ACTIVITY – Building Out Modules Big to Small

Big to Small Work Group Directions for 4/10/14

Step 1: Help Clarify Part of Last Meeting's Work

  • Mike added the ideas from last meeting to the Draft Large Badge Orgainzers for each of the 10 Professional Learning Curriculum Buckets for Teaching and Learning with Technology. He had a few questions about the notes on one of those.
  • Go to the Classroom Management for Tech Large Badge Organizer. That badge is really about the classroom management strategies that teachers might use to make sure students are working on school work and being on task while working with technology. Several of the notes were for apps or components for which it wasn't clear how they related to classroom management.
  • Please mark on within that part of the document which belong in Classroom Management (perhaps with a little clarification on the thinking) and which might belong elsewhere (and perhaps with your thoughts on where).


Step 2: Look Over the Model Large Badge Organizer


Step 3: Work on the Organizers for Large Badges

  • Go to the Large Badge Organizer folder.
  • Choose one of the Large Badges to build out the organizer.
  • Work on as many as you would like, or as many as time allows.


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