ACTIVITY – Building Out Modules Small to Big

Small to Big Work Group Directions for 4/10/14

Step 1: Review the Small to Big Module Brainstorm from 3/27/14.

  • Which of these are activities?
  • Which are full modules (badges)?
  • (Work directly in the document; edit as necessary)


Step 2: What Makes for Good Badge Requirements?

  • Go to the Boy Scout Merit Badge Page and scroll down to the badges.
  • Choose one and click the link.
  • Notice that there are Requirements and Resources.
  • Read over the requirements for that badge.
  • Go back to the Merit Badge page and look at the Requirements for those badges.
  • What makes for good requirements for modules/badges? Add your ideas to the Shared Note Taking Doc for today.


Step 3: Building Out Requirements for Small Badges

  • Go to the Small Badge Folder in Google Docs
  • Either work on building out the requirements for one of the small badges already there, or make a copy of the Small Badge Template and start a new one (share it with, and Mike wll make sure it ends up in the right folder)
  • Focus primarily on the Requirments; we will focus on resources at a later date.
  • You can work on as many Badges as there is time.


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