ACTIVITY – Large, Medium, & Small Badges

Are we in agreement about some general principles for Large, Medium, & Small Badges? Do the ideas below represent our current thinking? What should we change? What should we add?

Let's capture our thoughts in the April 10 Note Taking Doc.


Small Badges

  • Fairly easy to get, and represent acknowledgement of accomplishment and provide evidence of completion or proficiency.
  • Tools (apps, etc.) will generally be small badges (basic use).
  • Attendance at trainings and events would generally be small badges.
  • Earning a small badge should include evidence of both “knowing and doing.”


Medium Badges

  • Medium Badges are more complex and have more parts.
  • Earning a medium badge would include both earning some small badges and evidence of doing some additional things (applying the learning at a deeper level)
  • Small badge requirements might be for specific badges, or for a certain number of badges within a category. For example, earning the Managing Student Work Flows Badge might require the teacher to earn 2 small badges for tools that are used to pass out and collect student assignments, but give the teacher choice about which two.
  • Medium Badges would focus on how tools were applied to teaching and learning; they would be more pedagogical goals than technology tool goals.


Large Badges

  • Large Badges are “bigger” and more complex than Medium Badges.
  • Earning a large badge would include both earning some medium badges and evidence of doing some additional things (applying the previous learning at a deeper or more sophisticated level).
  • Generally the Large Badges will be the Professional Learning Curriculum Buckets for Teaching and Learning with Technology (Tech for Foundational Knowledge, Tech for Home/School Connections, Tech for Assessment, etc.).


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