ACTIVITY: What Should Be Our Criteria For a Badging Platform?

Before we are fully ready to start issuing badges for technology integration, we will need to select a platform for creating, issuing, and managing badges (either self-created, or subscription services).

The temptation always is to simply look at one or two we know about and announce which one we want. But Pickering and Marzano remind us that doing a good job with the Complex Reasing strategy of Decision Making requires that we first establish criteria for making the decision.

Carefully establishing criteria can help us make a “best fit” system choice for us (and possibly avoid costly changes later made necessary from a speedy or haphazard choice now). What would be important to have in a badging system? What would we want to be sure to avoid? What features match and support our goals? What should we consider that perhaps we haven’t thought of before now? This activity will help us decide what criteria we should consider while selecting a badging platform.

Please read over the steps below, then return to work through the steps, recording your thoughts in the shared notetaking document.

Step One

Start by brainstorming a list of criteria that come to mind right now. (Don’t worry if not much comes to mind at first, we will be adding to this list.) Keep some notes; you’ll have a chance to share your list.

Step Two

Please review, or skim, the following documents about badging. What do they suggest we should consider as criteria?

Step Three

Please look over these badging platforms, not from the perspective of which one we want, but rather from the perspective of what might examining these platforms suggest we should consider as criteria for making that choice?

What’s Next?

Once the work group has had an opportunity to post their suggestions for criteria, we will meet to review those suggestions, and discuss which are best to use. Once we settle on our list, we will rank and weight our list.

Once our criteria list is ready, it will be time to do a thurough search of badge platform options for review (using our selection criteria).


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