UPDATE: Criteria for a Badging Platform

Back in May, I had the chance to work with Ben Wilkoff (Denver Public Schools) to discuss criteria for selecting a badging platform for professional development.

Here’s the list that we generated (that was later ok’d by the Distributed PD Team):

  • Transferability – Ability to take a badge or series of badges from one place to another.
  • Connected Badges – Quest, collections, progressions
  • Affordable
  • Badge Sizes – One collection of badges could lead to another badge
  • “Interoperability” – multiple issuers; ours play nice with others;
  • White-Labeling – Branding of your organization within the badge ecosystem
  • Follow some standard – has the “correct fields on the back”
  • Image support for badges – standards for badge creation.
    • Name standards
    • Color Standards
    • See branding above
  • Project/Portfolio-based – supports evidence from external sources (uploading docs, links, etc.)
  • Alignment to competencies – defined within Auburn.
  • Individual teachers can manage a collection of badges from a variety of issuers

It should be noted, too, that there is a standard for badging: OpenBadges (and the standards here). As much as possible, what ever badging platform we select, we would like it to meet the OpenBadges standard.

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