Certifying Professional Learning

Certifying Professional Learning

BadgesOur Badging Platform: Educate/Empower (We will manage, acknowledge and certify adult learning, just as we are for student learning.)

Resources related to Digital Badging

OpenBadge.org maintains a standard for Digital Badges

 Our Work on Certifying Professional Learning

The system certifies what teachers become proficient at as they move through their professional learning and keeps track of their “certifications.” This is different than the design and development of the actual professional learning modules. This is focused on the actual system of giving “credit” for what teachers learn (presumably in the Modules), and keeping track of that credit. We will be exploring Digital Badges as that mechanism.

Work To Date:

Work To Be Done:

  • Set up the Digital Badge platform (including organizing the curriculum into a format that can be easily uploaded to the platform)
  • How will we share our Digital Badge platform and how will we educate our staff about it and it’s use?
  • How will we maintain a quality approach to certifying professional learning? How will we collect input and feedback from those served to inform this piece of the work?


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