Collections of Examples

As they learn about new techniques, pedagogies, and skills, teachers will often stop and ask, “But what does it look like?”  But what if that same educator could go online, to some collection of examples, put in what it is they wanted to see, and a bunch of examples came up, possibly artifacts such as photos, articles, and videos.

We will work to develop a such system for collecting and sharing examples, models, and exemplars.

We would like it to be easy both for educators to share examples, but also to find examples. It shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of a small group to build the collection.

For now, we’ll focus on examples, although later we might add other kinds of resources (like tutorials and “how-to” guides or articles about the topic).

Work To Date:

  • NA

Work To Be Done:

  • Why focus now on just examples and not other resources, like articles “about” the topic, or “how-to’s” on the topic?
  • What are our criteria for a quality platform for sharing and finding examples of “what it looks like”?
  • What platforms are available or might make sense?
  • Which platform should we choose?
  • How might we educate educators about sharing to the collection?
  • How might we educate educators about accessing it to find examples?
  • How do we make sure that only “good” examples get loaded into the collection?
  • How do we insure that over time the collection remains a quality resource?

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