We will be developing a collection of professional learning modules built around our professional curriculum.

The learning needs to be “chunked” into manageable pieces. These modules will be the meat of our badges. But we need to not only figure out the individual modules, but also how they would feed together into moving educators through the the professional learning progression (Phases of Technology Integration), including supporting multiple pathways through the Phases.

Each piece of a module might be delivered through various approaches – Workshops, articles, videos, iTunesU courses, iBooks, etc. We are especially interested in creating and leveraging existing Reusable Learning Objects. What ever systems we use, they should allow us to easily update the resources and push the updates to our teachers using them (things do change and evolve quickly in this business).

Work To Date:

Work To Be Done:

  • What are Reusable Learning Objects, and how might they help?
  • What can we learn from Scouting merit badges that would inform our development of professional learning modules?
  • What will be our criteria for quality professional learning modules?
  • What are the professional learning modules that flow from the Phases of iPad Integration? (Think medium & large badges)
  • What are the “sub-modules” that feed into those? (Think small & medium badges)
  • Develop the specific modules for at least the Awareness and Classroom Culture phases of iPad Integration
  • How might we get more educators involved in the development of modules?
  • What are our criteria for approving modules?
  • How will new modules be approved?
  • How will we maintain the quality professional learning modules? How will we collect input and feedback from those served to inform this piece of the work?


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