Professional Learning Progression

Professional DevelopmentProfessional Learning Curriculum

Tech for Learning – Professional Curriculum

Customized Learning – Professional Curriculum

Capacity Matrix Template

Our Work to Develop a Professional Learning Progression

What are the (clearly articulated) knowledge and skills we want our educators to become proficient in and what scopes and sequences make sense?

This is specifically thinking about supporting educators as they work to use iPads in teaching and learning.

We have drafted a Phases of Integrating iPads document. We collaboratively developed the draft using the following as strong influences on the work:

The major bullets within each phase reflect the professional learning curriculum for Teaching and Learning with iPads, while the Phases denote the professional learning continuum/progression.

Work To Date:

Work To Be Done:

  • Drafting a long list of capacity matrices for pieces of the professional learning.
  • What are our criteria for knowing if we have a quality professional learning progression?
  • How will we share our work and educate our teachers about the professional learning progression?
  • How will we maintain quality of the learning profession (Phases) for the PD system? How will we collect input and feedback from those served to inform this piece of the work?
  • How will we handle “Rank”? Should mastery of a Phase be a “promotion in rank” or a “large badge”? (think scouting)


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