Customized Learning – Professional Curriculum

Customized Learning Professional Curriculum Grid

Partial curriculum grids are incomplete, but shared so we can collaborate on completing them!


Capacity Matrices

Foundations of Customized Learning

  • The vision of Customized Learning
  • Overview of the Components of Customized Learning
  • Overview of Implementation of Customized Learning
  • Vision & Mission – Shared Development & Alignment
  • Beliefs about Learning – Recognized & Aligned

Learner-Centered Culture

  • Collecting and Using Learner Input & Feedback
  • Procedural Efficiency
  • Curricular & Programatic Transparency

Learning Progress Management

  • Tech for Learning Progress Management
  • Formative Feedback and Continuous Improvement
  • Tech for Assessment
  • Standards Based Grading

Curriculum Model

  • Content Specific Knowledge
  • Complex Reasoning
  • Lifelong Habits of Mind

Instructional Model

  • Instruction for Foundational Knowledge
  • Tech for Foundational Knowledge
  • Instruction for Deepening Understanding
  • Instruction for Putting Knowledge to Work
  • Tech for Putting Knowledge to Work
  • Grouping and Re-Grouping
  • Student Motivation & Engagement
  • Tech for Personalizing Learning
  • Tech for Supporting Independent Learning

Moving to Information Age Structures

  • Space
  • Time
  • Pace
  • Path

Parental Engagement

  • Customer Service Focus
  • Standards-based Reporting
  • Tech for Home/School Connection

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