Recruiting & Certifying the “Certifiers”

We need to develop a system for soliciting educators to help us build and deliver our PD system. We need a team of teachers and other school leaders, both within and without our school district, to be valued contributors. We need people to help us build out the professional learning continuum, the modules and related resources, and to certify teachers as they develop proficiency in the professional learning. The work needs to be developed by (or borrowed from) multiple people, not just the tech team.

The vision is that educators who are interested or passionate about some aspect (large or small) of the learning progression will volunteer to develop modules and/or to certify teachers as they complete modules (think of the adults in Scouting who certify Scouts as having successfully completing some specific merit badge).

Work To Date:

  • Various teachers, including some on the Elementary Design Team and members of the Distributed PD Development Group, have already been contributed to the development of our Modules.

Work to Be Done:

  • How might we recruit educators to be part of the system?
  • What should our criteria be for certifying or approving module certifiers?
  • How do we “certify” or approve educators to be certifiers for a particular module? Who does the certifying of certifiers? The Distributed PD Development Group?
  • How will we maintain quality of certifiers within the PD system? How will we collect input and feedback from those served to inform this piece of the work?


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